Whats new at Advance Filtration Group

So what’s new at Advance ? Plenty, that’s for sure! We have invested in even more new equipment to deliver better solutions for our customers, we have thrown away the rule book on what air filtration has been, and we are reinventing ourselves to provide what air filtration should be.

We are providing second-to-none turnaround on special sized precision made V-Forms. How can we achieve this? Through implementing design improvements, automation methods, machinery and production and ensuring a high skilled, dedicated workforce. We are proud and confident of our product and service.

Manufacturing and delivering faster than anyone else. Yes we manufacture in a time when most companies are importing or outsourcing their work, we grow making our product right here. Our customers appreciate that they can bring their problems to us, with our in-house design team we can fabricate a solution whatever the need. This has proved a valuable tool in our growth, as some customers have come to us after visiting larger multi-nationals that are just not interested in helping them or are not equipped to do so. As a small company we believe in customer service, and finding solutions where no one else can.

So if you want to experience service the way it should be, and also feel good in the fact your supporting Australian owned Industry,

Come to Advance Filtration Group and feel the love


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