Advance Filtration Group 2014

As the new year starts off with great enthusiasm, we enter our 15th year of business.

We have developed into a very exciting and inventive business, always listening to our customers.

It is paramount to be reactive, to our customer’s needs, that is why we are constantly re-inventing our manufacturing capabilities.

At Advance Filtration Group we have been directing a lot of our effort into air purification products.

We are developing different and exciting products for the food and mining industries.

We have formed many joint ventures with major suppliers to introduce new filtration products for dust, water and gaseous pollutants onto the market.

We are now in the most exciting period of growth and development of our company.

Myself, Rau and Phillip are excited with the direction we are heading in and the response from our clients new and old.

With major inroads made in 2013 into interstate Markets in the mining and construction sector we are now positioned for a brighter future.

Give us a call for all your air purification needs.


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